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When you’re looking for maths tutors in Melbourne, trust the experienced and qualified educators at AAA Tutorials to provide quality tuition that meets the student’s needs. Our maths tutor will plan their lessons to reflect the current Victorian curriculum.

From primary level and high school students looking to improve their grades, to a Year 12 getting ready for their VCE exam; our professional maths tutors possess the essential teaching experience to cater their tuition methods to suit each individual student’s preferred learning style.Maths Tutors melbourne

Our tutors cater to students enrolled in all math streams, including:

General Mathematics (VCE Units 1 & 2)

For those students who aren’t particularly mathematically inclined but do still either want or need a maths subject in their Year 11 course load, General Mathematics provides the perfect option. The subject covers a wide range of mathematical concepts, from statistics and financial arithmetic to geometry and much more. Students who study General Mathematics typically move on to Further Mathematics in Year 12. Many TAFE and university courses in Victoria and across Australia consider General Mathematics as a sufficient fulfilment of their mathematics pre-requisite.

Maths Methods (CAS)

A successful pass in Maths Methods Units 1 & 2 enables students in Year 11 to have their pick of mathematics subjects in Year 12. A VCE Maths Methods tutor can help you get the best possible results in Year 12, which can then set you up for almost any science, commerce or engineering degree at University.

Successful completion of Maths Methods Units 1 & 2 are a pre-requisite for enrolment in Units 3 & 4. Students looking to undertake study in Specialist Mathematics in Year 12 also need Maths Methods 1 & 2 as a pre-requisite.

Further Mathematics (Units 1 & 2)

Further Mathematics is the second largest course after English that is studied at the VCE level. The stream is the natural progression of the General Mathematics subject offered in Year 11 and covers various concepts such as data analysis (statistics), geometry and trigonometry, business maths and matrices.

The subject is so widely studied in the VCE because it is a pre-requisite of many TAFE and university courses. Everything from nursing to marketing to building sciences draws on the principles taught in Further Mathematics.

Specialist Mathematics (Units 3 & 4)

The most advanced of the mathematics streams, Specialist Maths is typically studied by those students looking to undertake degrees in medicine, engineering, dentistry, law and other technically specific fields. Specialist Mathematics students need to have completed Mathematical Methods 1 & 2 and General Mathematics (Advanced) courses as a pre-requisite, and must also undertake the subject in conjunction with Mathematical Methods 3 & 4.

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