Most families pay the tutor in cash at the end of each session. The tutor can provide an official receipt if required.

Yes, we ask that you notify us with of your plans and we will have the tutor resume the tuition on your return.

Yes, we should be able to accommodate providing you are moving within the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Yes. We maintain a register of qualified teachers in most suburbs. We have teachers who are qualified to teach primary and secondary subjects.

It is very rare that we cannot supply a suitable tutor.

We recommend that one student be tutored at a time.

This way the tutor will be giving their undivided attention to the student, which is most beneficial for the student.

It is advisable to have a quiet private area, this will maximise the effectiveness of the tuition.

Yes, we can provide a replacement tutor without any embarrassment to either party. We consider it vital that a correct match is made.

No. The family pays the tutor at the end of each session.

So, pay-as-you-go. No advance payments for sessions is required.

We endeavour to have a tutor telephone you within 24 hours, to arrange a mutually convenient time for the first session to begin in your home.

No. All tutors are fully qualified teachers, with most being registered with the Victorian Institute of Teachers (VIT). Registration with the VIT is mandatory by law for anyone teaching in a Victorian school.

Yes, all tutors have passed the Working With Children Check as required by Victorian law. They also carry official AAA Tutorials laminated personal identification cards.

All tutors have teaching experience. VCE tutors have a minimum of 3 years experience and are familiar with the current curriculum.

All AAA tutors are fully qualified teachers. Most are registered with the Victorian Institute of Teachers (VIT), a requirement for teaching in a Victorian school.